Creating time for good health


If we’re feeling under the weather – we achieve less, we take longer to do so, and we tend to be more stressed.

If we’re feeling our best – we achieve more in less time, and we tend to be happier with our achievements.

One way to support good health is getting outside and reconnecting with nature.  Research shows that reconnecting with nature has a calming effect on us resulting in a positive impact on our health and wellbeing. 

I’ve created time to do just that and with the beautiful autumn colours beckoning me to go outside, I have created time to do some much needed gardening, and take some nature walks – even though for weeks I’ve been saying ‘I don’t have time’.  The benefits have been massive for me and have helped reduce my stress levels, improve my clarity of thinking, my creativity and motivation and I feel healthier and happier.  Nothing synthetic can replace being reconnected with nature – having the wind in my face, natural light on my skin, and the time to immerse my thoughts in an abyss of blissful ‘nothingness’.  It really has helped to promote good health, achieve more and live life as it should be.

How do you create time for good health? 



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